The history of our company began a century ago, when in 1919 the Sesino brothers founded the company F.lli Sesino  and started their activity in a small workshop in Milan, producing and maintening grills and radiators for vehicles.

In 1922 F.lli Sesino & C., after having received a big order for the production of car radiators from company Edoardo Bianchi, moved to the new place in Via Noè, Milan.

During the 1930s the activity of the company was also marked by the production of radiator’s grill, condensers and evaporators for refrigerating systems. This production lasted till the end of the II World War

In the meantime, with the resignation of brother Alfredo the company became Costante Sesino & C, and focused its production on car’s radiators: during this period the company was already known for its reliability and quality.

From the beginning of the 1950s, thanks to the appearance of the new oleodynamic technology, Costante Sesino started, as first in Italy, the production of oil heat exchangers. In 1954, in order to keep up with this new market, Costante Sesino moved to the new headquarter in Via Doberdò, Milan.

During the half of the 1970s Costante Sesino became leader in the market of the production of air-oil and water-oil heat exchangers for oleo dynamic systems, leaving almost definitively the production of car’s radiators.

During the following years, the quality and reliability of our products allowed Costante Sesino to expand its sales abroad, building this way a sale’s net that is now present in almost all continents.

In 2003, the continuous growth, brought Costante Sesino to move to the new and current headquarter in Gessate: a modern place with a 4000 m² producing area equipped with some of the most advanced technologies.

The dynamism that has always identified  Costante Sesino, and our great knowledge of the heat exchanging, pushed the company to expand its boundaries and production to other markets.

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