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New heat exchanger with removable tubes bundle (MSG)


Compared to our current heat exchangers, for this line we made a choice of environmental sustainability; we eliminated all the welding and the consequent fumes caused by flames and fluxes that must be sucked from the work environment. We eliminated the subsequent washing operations that generate dirty water to be treated as special waste. This way we could ensure a better work environment for our employees and no environmental pollution.

The welding of the tubes to the tube sheets have been replaced by an automated precision tube expanding, that ensures a high-quality level of the coupling and a constant production.

100% of the expanded tube bundles are pressure tested, as well as the 100% of the finished exchangers are pressure tested.
The MSG heat exchangers have a removable tube bundle that is very easy to assemble and disassemble or replace it with a new one.

The accuracy of the mechanical processing with very close tolerances and use of special seals allowed us to increase the thermic performance of around 10-15 % for the same external dimensions: the new line design is protected by patent already filed.
The MSG line is perfectly interchangeable with the old MS line
Shell, manifolds and covers are not painted but anodised, gaining this way a better protection.

The materials that make up the new line are the following:

• Tube-bundle tubes: copper
• Tube sheets: hardened steel
• Shell: extruded anodised aluminium
• Covers: anodized die-cast aluminum
• Seals Kit: viton

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