They are basically cooling units with refrigeration cycles that can cool the oil down to temperatures that are near or lower than the maximum ambient temperature.
They can be installed on any industrial system or machine tool.



Even though it is extremely difficult to standardize this kind of products, we selected six chillers, whose features are explained here following.

With a higher ambient temperature, the chiller performance is lower. Up to 35°C of ambient temperature, the decrease is 0,5% each °C, over 35°C the decrease is 1% each °C.

Example: Ambient temperature 35°C – Decrease = (35 – 25) x 0,5% = 5%
Ambient temperature 40°C – Decrease = (40 -25) x 1% = 15%

Our technical department is available to help our customer sizing the right product and consequently make the right offer.

The technical data needed are the following:

  • Power to dissipate
  • Max. oil temperature
  • Max. ambient temperature

We therefore inform our customer that, if the system already has a pump, we can supply the chiller without one. In this case the oil should not have pressure peaks (we suggest highly to use an off-line pump). Maximum static pressure 6 bar, filtration degree 25 micron.

REOL chiller are generally without tank, it is possible anyway to ask for a chiller with its own tank with a well-established capacity.

Our chillers are equipped as follow:

  • Air condenser with copper tubes and aluminium fins
  • Oil outlet pressure gauge
  • Oil lack recirculation alarm through flowmeter
  • Pump downtime alarm
  • Gas high and low pressure alarm
  • Gas high temperature alarm
  • Thermometer/ digital thermostat
  • Termometro/termostato digitale
  • Multipolar wired electrical connector (male+female)
  • Lifting eyebolts
  • Mounting supports

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