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Water and air oil heat exchangers custom made

Since a century Costante Sesino S.p.a has been manufacturer of heat exchangers: the first in Italy.
Up to now we have constantly become more specialized in the construction of water-oil and air-oil heat exchangers for the cooling of oleohydraulic systems.

In order to use our long experience in other fields, we decided to get ready for producing heat exchangers that are different in dimensions and technical features from the oleohydraulic standard usage.
The application’s fields are the following:
Exchangers for boat’s engines.

Water oil exchangers for big-size oleodynamic systems.
(exchangers till 500 mm of diameter and 4000 mm of length)
Exchangers for electricity generators.

We could also project and develop combined radiators for machines and big size self-contained cooling units for industrial installations. Air-oil and air-water exchangers with non standard dimensions
Stainless steel exchangers for demineralised water and for fluids that are not compatible with aluminium.

In order to project and size our exchangers, both in terms of performance and dimensions, we make use of a calculating program, that is suited to work with any kind of fluids or gas.
Our technical office is at disposal for any information and request.

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