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Self contained cooling units (RAS)

There are some applications where, because of the presence of high pressure peaks or extremely variable flow rates that can compromise the exchanger efficiency, it is not recommended to use a simple air-oil heat exchanger

In such cases it is useful to feed the air-oil exchanger with an off-line pump, to make it independent from the primary oleo hydraulic plant.

To satisfy this request, we have designed and realized the self-contained cooling units type RAS.

These exchangers consist of an air-oil heat exchanger and a double shaft electric motor that sets on an oil gear pump and a cooling fan.

Maximum allowable working pressure: 10 bar.
In order to make the assembling easier, the electric connection is carried though an electric junction box fixed on the frame of the cooling unit.

Upon request, we can supply the unit with an adjustable thermo switch with a thermo switch probe to be placed into the tank to cool.

Always upon request, we can supply an oil filter to connect to the pump in suction.

The efficiency diagrams show the heat quantity each cooling unit is able to dissipate kW according to the difference between the requested oil temperature and the summer room temperature.

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