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Shell and tubes heat exchanger water-exhaust gas

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous generation within a single process of heat energy and electric or mechanical energy starting from fossil fuels or renewable ones.
There are different types of systems, classified according to the features of the first motor (electric or mechanical energy generator).


Le principali caratteristiche degli scambiatori a fascio tubiero per impianti di cogenerazione sono le seguenti:

  • Utilizzo di tubi, piastre e testate in acciaio inox per eliminare fenomeni corrosivi
  • TIG soldering of the single tubes on the plate for heat-resistance up to 600°
  • Use of expansion joint on the shell to avoid thermal dilatation effects of the tubes
  • Completely inspectionable both from the tube and the shell side for each type of maintenance
  • Test di tenuta sul 100% degli scambiatori di nostra produzione
  • Dimensioning achieved through ASPEN EXCHANGER DESIGN & RATING” according to ASME VIII div.1, EN 13445 e TEMA

The tube-bundle heat exchangers for exhaust gas can be used to cool down the exhaust fumes of endothermic engines on explosion proof application that requires ATEX certification.

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