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Serie MSG 84 P

The MSG heat exchangers have a removable tube bundle that is very easy to assemble and disassemble or replace it with a new one.
The MSG line is perfectly interchangeable with the old MS line

The materials that make up the new line are the following:

• Tube-bundle tubes: copper
• Tube sheets: hardened steel
• Shell: extruded anodised aluminium
• Covers: anodized die-cast aluminum
• Seals Kit: viton

The maximum work pressure allowed in the oil and water circuits is 12 bar

Test pressure 15 bar

Technical datas (range)
Oil FlowPower (DT 25°C)in/out oil sidein/out water side
l/min kWGASGAS
30-2002-301"-1" 1/21/2"

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