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AP 494 EMX

The heat exchangers type EMX have been designed to be used outdoors, in areas where the level of salinity in the air and the explosion risks are high.
The components are the following:

  • Aluminum cooling element with anodizing and corrosion proofing treatment (SWAAT test according to ASTM G 85-94 ANNEX A3)
  • Coated AISI 304 stainless steel frame
  • Three-phase electric fan, 400V 50Hz or 460V 60Hz according to ATEX IP 56 Category 2G, protection Ex-d class T4 Group IIB and stainless steel protection grill.

Maximum working static pressure: 20 bar; test pressure: 35 bar.

Technical datas (range)
Oil FlowPower (DT 25°C)in/out oil sidevoltagefrequencyIP
l/min kWGASVHz
30-24012,5 - 181"400 or 46050 or 6056

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